Tactical Ops: FFD Joint Operation

We are happy to inform our community that we have joint forces and allied with FFD! The FFD home server is now listed as an official Square Gaming server, whilst remaining under the full control of its owner, Tomek Nysa.

As time passes us by faster than we would like, we realize that we ought to take a step back from our imaginary clouds and confront ourselves with the indisputable fact that the Tactical Ops community has become very fragile, and is on course with total annihilation. Despite the facts at hand, we are determined to fight the battle until the very end, until the very last (counter) terror force ceases their fire before glancing through their sights one last time… “Area clear”.

This is where the alliance comes into play. In our continuous effort to keep our beloved game going strong, we are now joining forces with FFD to keep the 16-year-old legacy of Tactical Ops alive for as long as we feasibly can.

Rest assured that your gaming experience will not be compromised in any way. Although we will be supporting the FFD server on both a regulative and technical level, it will remain under the leadership of the FFD clan and we will ensure none of the changes will impact the original FFD quality and feel you are familiar with. In addition, the FFD server is up to par with the Square Gaming Quality standards, and is persistently well monitored by its staff.

Please note that support requests and other enquiries regarding the FFD server should be forwarded to the Tactical Square forums.

Happy fragging!

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